During our growing seasons, we plant, care for and harvest a large selection of tasty vegetables using a sustainable agriculture system (for further explanation and details, see, “Why We Will Not Certify“.)

Harvesting CarrotsFor 24 weeks, from May through November, we provide a weekly summer harvest box to each of our shareholders. Our winter CSA begins December 2nd and runs for 11 – 13 weeks, depending on the weather. A harvest box contains a share of that week’s fresh-picked harvest. Shareholders may either collect their boxes at a central location in town or they may pick up their boxes at the farm.

As a shareholder, you receive a weekly harvest box of vegetables, occasional recipes and farm updates. In so doing, you will also be supporting a small, local family farm whose farmers use sustainable and environmentally sound farming practices. Best of all, you will be eating safely and well!

2014-15 Winter CSA Sign Ups

It’s time to sign up for the 2014-15 CSA winter growing season. Please contact us for your membership commitment form.

What’s in the Box – October 21, 2014

red Russian kale, Italian parsley, salad greens, lettuce, acorn squash, sweet and hot peppers, bunch white salad turnips

Just in case your acorn squash might be piling up, you can roast them all together with salt and pepper then scoop them out and puree them, maybe with a little garlic and onion, it’s a pretty easy soup, simply that way, or you can add to it as you like!

Just fyi, that lettuce in your box is an ancestor of Iceberg, thick leaved and delicious, and green, see if you can see the resemblance.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the sunny day and looking forward to the sunny days ahead.


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