During our growing seasons, we plant, care for and harvest a large selection of tasty vegetables using a sustainable agriculture system (for further explanation and details, see, “Why We Will Not Certify“.)

Harvesting CarrotsFor 24 weeks, from May through November, we provide a weekly summer harvest box to each of our shareholders. Our winter CSA begins December 2nd and runs for 11 – 13 weeks, depending on the weather. A harvest box contains a share of that week’s fresh-picked harvest. Shareholders may either collect their boxes at a central location in town or they may pick up their boxes at the farm.

As a shareholder, you receive a weekly harvest box of vegetables, occasional recipes and farm updates. In so doing, you will also be supporting a small, local family farm whose farmers use sustainable and environmentally sound farming practices. Best of all, you will be eating safely and well!

2014-15 Winter CSA Sign Ups

It’s time to sign up for the 2014-15 CSA winter growing season. Please contact us for your membership commitment form.

What’s in the Box – November 18, 2014

escarole, broccoli, cabbage, watermelon radishes, sweet potatoes, winter squash

The escarole looks like a head of green leaf lettuce and is good grilled or roasted (in halves or quarters) then topped with a creamy or otherwise hearty dressing, a little bitter, but more than made up for with creaminess!

i hope everyone is well and staying warm!


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