During the growing season, we plant, care for and harvest a large selection of tasty vegetables using a sustainable agriculture system (for further explanation and details, see, “Why We Will Not Certify“.)

Harvesting CarrotsFor 24 weeks, from May through November, we provide a weekly harvest box to each of our shareholders. A harvest box contains a share of that week’s fresh-picked harvest. Shareholders may either collect their boxes at a central location in town or they may pick up their boxes at the farm.

As a shareholder, you receive a weekly harvest box of vegetables, occasional recipes and farm updates. In so doing, you will also be supporting a small, local family farm whose farmers use sustainable and environmentally sound farming practices. Best of all, you will be eating safely and well!

2014 CSA Sign Ups

It’s time to sign up for the 2014 CSA growing season. Please contact us for your membership commitment form or for more information.

What’s in the Box – September 9, 2014

watermelon, potatoes, okra, green tomatoes, mizuna mustard, salad greens, onions

if you haven’t ever made fried green tomatoes, allrecipes fried green tomatoes works well. if you can when you are dipping, keep one hand dry!

Also, you may be getting a paw paw in your box today…to taste. some still should be given time to ripen. they’ll be yellow when ripe; soft and darker is ok too (like a banana). they taste somewhere between a banana and a mango and have the texture of a creamy custard. I think they are delicious, but not everyone does. you can turn them on end and peel them, then cut meat of the fruit off the side from top to bottom to get around the seed. some handwork will be required to get at the fruit around the seeds in the middle.


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