What’s in the Box for 8/15/17 August 16, 2017

tomatoes are continuing to thrive, squash are back, and okra is coming on strong! tomatoes cherry tomatoes squash garlic onions okra russet potatoes russet potatoes are great mashed, baked, and fried!! i hope everyone is well and staying cool! kindly, ivor

What’s in the Box for 8/1/17 August 2, 2017

hello folks, i hope everyone did well while i was away. I have great confidence in the leadership at the farm right now, so excited that they got to show their metal! sorry to be a little late with this. in your boxes: celery tomatoes potatoes okra cherry tomatoes garlic onions most of what you get in super markets that you think of as celery is actually celery hearts which is a little more tender and a little more bland….

What’s in the box for 7/25 July 27, 2017

in your boxes for tuesday: tomatoes cherry tomatoes garlic onions squash okra basil there are lots of great combinations there. if you’ve never done okra and tomatoes, you should try. saute several cloves of garlic and an onion, add chopped okra, then tomatoes, salt and pepper, a good cup of red wine. you may need to add water…serve over rice. prep time, about 30 minutes. have a great week! kindly, ivor

What’s in the box for 7/18 July 19, 2017

i just wanted to give everyone a heads up, boxes will have around 12# of tomatoes today. these are good times. some are fragile and need to be used right away. overall, i would suggest either freezing or cooking down some of them. freezing is really quick and efficient. i will often just core and remove any soft spots and put them in a zip lock freezer bags (3# in a bag works well for me for future sauces). or,…

What’s in the box for 7/4/17 July 6, 2017

i hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend! tomatoes are starting to come in just in time!! add to that: squash potatoes cukes onions carrots fennel don’t be afraid of fennel. the bulb is the main show, thinly sliced in slaws or salads or maybe carmelized with onions (on pizza pehaps). the stems are good thinly sliced and cooked, the tops are nice finely chopped in salads or as a garnish. fennel is great with mussels…

What’s in the box for 6/13/17 June 15, 2017

it’s finally summer time, just a week or so ahead of the solstice…still so far so good! in your boxes today: leeks cabbage broccoli radishes garlic kale new potatoes just a few words about “new potatoes.” new potatoes come in all varieties and are what they are because they are harvested when the plants, the tops, are still alive. you can tell they are new by their very thin skins. the skins easily scuff. i love them lighlty boiled with…

Recipe: Green Mint Chutney (Pudina?) June 8, 2017

take half green coriander seeds a handful of mint lemon juice 6 tablespoons of water 1 or 2 garlic cloves about an inch of ginger 2 tsp sugar a couple seeded hot peppers maybe a little onion blend together in a blender and you’ve got that green mint chutney you get in Indian restaurants. courtesy of john bailey

What’s in the box for 6/6/17 June 8, 2017

we are excited about the season! in your boxes today: fresh garlic red russian kale cabbage swiss chard green onions radishes coriander the garlic will be a little transparent still, the flavor a little grassy green. there are lots of great salad opportunities in this box including both kale and cabbage. chard is one of my favorite cooking greens and is great either sauteed with garlic/onion or steamed. In either case, i start the stems sooner to balance the cooking…

What’s in the box for 5/30/17 May 31, 2017

i hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. It’s nice that it’s still pleasant outside. it’s a big box today spinach garlic scapes salad mix green garlic carrots kohlrabi so some extra notes today, the green garlic is maturing, so dividing into cloves, but still easy to process. if you find the stems too papery to use, u don’t need to save them, or u can use them for stock if you make stock. the fresh garlic will keep well…

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